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Ward Memorial Hospital knows that quality health care can only be provided by the most competent and skilled staff with access to the latest and best equipment. Our Radiologists insist on highly trained technologists to perform all Radiology services. The new GE state-of-the-art CT, Digital Radiography machine and Portable X-ray equipment provides us with instantaneous image viewing beneficial in assisting the providers in diagnosing and treating patients in a timely manner with minimal radiation exposure to the patient. The new X-Ray table lowers down to 37 inches from the floor allowing easy access for patients with limited mobility. The new scoliosis application also allows for a complete view of the entire spine in one picture.

Radiology Services offered include:

CT Scans
Vascular Studies
Bone Density

Let us be your number one choice!

To contact the Radiology Department call (432) 943-2511 ext. 121.

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