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Photo of Malinda Redmon, RN, MSN, FN-PC

Malinda Redmon, RN, MSN, FN-PC

Family Medicine


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Malinda has been a resident of Monahans for many years. She graduated from Monahans High School in 1983 before pursuing a degree in Nursing which she completed in 1988. Mrs. Redmon has been married to Billy R. Redmon for 33 years and has raised her two children, Reagan and Megan, here in Monahans. Both are now attending UTPB in Odessa.Mrs. Redmon practiced as a Registered Nurse at Ward Memorial Hosptal before moving on to Medical Center Hospital where she worked in the Intensive Care Unit for 13 years. Melinda com-pleted her Master's Degree at West Texas A&M in 2002 in order to earn her Family Nurse Practitioner licensure. Since that time she practiced in Odessa, finally returning to Monahans in 2013 to join Family Medical Center. During her off time Malinda enjoys her time hiking, camping, and traveling with family. You may call 432-943- 2068 to schedule an appointment.

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