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Patients & Visitors

Patient Focused Care

Riverside Medical Center's patients have access to advanced technology and a healthcare plan
specifically designed for their successful treatment and recovery. From admission until
discharge and beyond, Riverside Medical Center's teammates focus on exceptional care, close to home.

Patient Portal

Keep up with your personal health information by using the patient portal. We've made accessing your health records easy, but your information is still entirely private and confidential. See and manage lab results, perscriptions, billing, immunizations records, surgical history, past procedures, discharge instructions and more.
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Weight Loss

ORBERA Managed Weight Loss System

3.1 times the weight loss than diet and exercise alone
Safe and effective weight loss solution
Over 220,000 placements worldwide
Now FDA approved

What is ORBERA?

Comprehensive two-part program designed to provide effective, motivating results that you can see. With ORBERA patients on average     lose 3.1 times the weight they would with diet and exercise along.
Starts with a soft balloon placed in your stomach for six months to reinforce proper portion control.
The ORBERA balloon take up space in your stomach helps you eat smaller meals.
Balloon is temporary and placed in your stomach for six months without surgery or any incisions
Patients will receive coaching from a team of experts, which may include a dietician, psychologist, and exercise physiologist
Coaching continues after balloon is removed at six months for a total of 12 months

The Procedure: Placement and removal

Non-surgical procedure done under a mild sedative, the thin and deflated ORBERA balloon is placed into the stomach. It is then filled with     saline until it's about the size of a grapefruit. The procedure typically takes about 20-30 minutes so you can go home the very same day
At six months, the balloon is removed in the same way it is placed. Through a non-surgical procedure done under a mild sedative, it is     deflated first then removed.

What to Expect:

The weight loss is rapid with the majority of weight loss typically occurring in the first three months of treatment.
On average patients lost 3.1 times the weight loss of diet and exercise alone.
The adjustments to your eating habits and your continued efforts to stay active greatly influence your results.

To qualify for ORBERA, you should:

Be an adult
Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 to 40
Be willing to participate in a medically supervised program

ORBERA Advantage

After six months with the ORBERA two-part program, people lost an average 3.1X the weight patients lost with diet & exercise alone.
Proven to keep the weight of even after the balloon is removed
A more than 20 year history of helping thousands of people lose weight
More than 220,000 ORBERA balloons have been distributed worldwide in over 80 countries.
With the FDA approval of ORBERA, patients now have a safe and effective treatment option